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Can dreams become reality? It can if you act upon it. This website design is literally a dream made reality. Sounds cheesy i know..The design. The colors. The elements. The shapes. The consistency. I actually had a dream about the layout of my personal site..everything seems so real in the dream..the way i was moving the mouse to using the brush the next day..i transferred it into a digital computer…

Carl Sandburg once said, “nothing happens unless first a dream.”

Here is a preview of my still in the process of designing it..It’s taking me longer then expected..I think designing for yourself is the hardest thing since you are more critical..well at least I am…I want to take my time and be satisfied with the final result.

As you can see my blog design is very similar to my personal site..I want to have that consistency within the design…that is it for now..come back again…please? 🙂



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~ by yvonnetran on December 14, 2007.

One Response to “Personal Web Site”

  1. Obviously you know I love the layout of the new site… but yes the intro sounds very cheesy. 🙂

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