Experimenting with colors part II

I actually worked on this piece awhile back but never got the chance to finish it…Had some time today to do the second version for my vector collection..

See previous blog for the first version..

Here it is..

Part II


~ by yvonnetran on February 1, 2008.

5 Responses to “Experimenting with colors part II”

  1. Nice job on the vector illustration. Your portfolio is great too. Would you like a graphic design job in northern VA? haha. 😛

  2. I must say, “that’s hot” :). I really like the colors and the illustrations. Nice and very creative. Now all you have to do is make up some deep meaning about it and put it in an art gallery and let it sell for a million dollars ;). But on a serious note, great work.

  3. Hey… just checking out your work. Nice work.

  4. wow thats really cool, how did you create that? what software did you use?

  5. Thanks xscape! I used illustrator and also photoshop..there’s a lot of free brushes out there too to create some of the swirly affect

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