They took away our manhood

This is too cute and sad at the same time..but I just have to share it…Our two dogs, Miko and Jet got neutered yesterday. Later that night, Jet started to lick his wound so we had to think fast…find a way to somehow cover his this is Lee’s new creation..those styrofoam plates are handy!


~ by yvonnetran on July 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “They took away our manhood”

  1. That’s really smart! I’d never thought of doing that.

  2. […] Paper Plates to the Rescue! Our baby yorkie, Coco got an ear infection and she’s been scratching it like crazy. Back when our two chihuahuas got fixed, we came up with the idea of putting paper plates around their neck so they wont scratch the stitches. Here is the other post […]

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