Wedding Stuff

Wow what a crazy and busy month for me!! Few weeks back, my fiance and I drove back to South Dakota to visit my family..yes I did say fiance..he finally proposed to me while we were’s about time!! =) the drive was about 24 hours..3000 miles both ways..we were both exhausted..on top of that, we moved into our home a month ago and now still decorating our new home..

Well here is an update to what I am working on..since I have some time today at work..I thought about designing the wedding invites..Im not really sure if im happy with never know..I might change my mind next week..
sample 1

sample 2

sample 3

I think the last one might be too much..wat do you think? Im thinking also have the middle box be a die-cut or you can open it to have our picture in the middle..:/


~ by yvonnetran on September 11, 2008.

One Response to “Wedding Stuff”

  1. oops.. my last reply was suppose to be here.

    like the first one, but your name should always come first

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