Our home

Were definitely having fun decorating our new home. It feels like home sweet home now. It is not done yet because we are planning on taking out the ugly carpet and putting in laminated wood flooring. That will probably be our summer project or after the wedding. We love our chandelier wall decals!

{updates:} we redecorated AGAIN =) please view my other blog.
living room

p.s. we have 3 dogs, therefore they like to jump on our sofa..that’s where the fleece you see on the sofa comes in handy..


~ by yvonnetran on May 6, 2009.

8 Responses to “Our home”

  1. That’s a very nice room! What colors did you use on the wall?

  2. the blue color is sea foam storm from valspar and you can get them at Lowes. Im not quite sure on the name of the brown color though..GOOD LUCK!!

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  4. Love the chandelier walls they look great!

  5. Thank you thelondonmagpie

  6. Loving the chandeliers on the wall. What are they? Stencils or print applications?

  7. Great design! Would you mind posting on some budget conscience design or how to keep your current space feeling different every couple months without having to redesign the entire space? Thank you! Looking forward to the next post!

    The Passport Report

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