Home Sweet Home

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Did some spring cleaning over the weekend so took some pictures of our living area. Enjoy!

{pictures by me}

Here is another post of our place from a year ago…{OUR HOME}



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I have been looking for a cute spring purse so been searching around Etsy store. I love Etsy because everything is handmade. Here are some of my fav from drikab

Must Love Dogs

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Since it is Westminster Dog show is going on right now, I decide to post up some photos of my chihuahuas and Yorkie. My chihuahuas are long coat, which we don’t normally see often in our area.

Jet just turned 4 recently.
Our yorkie, Coco in her cute little yellow dress.

Brother’s wedding pictures

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2009 has been a busy busy year for us so I am definitely looking forward to 2010! My older brother recently got married in November and I had the honor to take their wedding pictures.  I am definitely not a professional photographer but I do love photography. I am learning as I go.

Home designs

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Were in the process of decorating our house and I have been looking through Flickr for some inspirations. Found many cool ideas with what you can do with Ikea shelves. From their Lack to the Expedit collection. Here are some cool ideas I found in Flickr.

From giac1061

From ivy style33

From *miniyork*

More wedding pictures

•October 22, 2009 • 2 Comments

We got our wedding pictures back from our photographer last week and I cant wait to share! Chris did an amazing job at capturing our day! Here are some of my favorite shots.

Wedding Pictures part 2

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I gathered up some of the pictures my family and friends took with a regular digital camera and I did some editing to it. They did pretty good job.