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Have you check out my other blog? If not please stop by. I simply blog about the inspiring and simple things in life there.

Follow me

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Want to know what I am up to? I know you do..Come follow me on twitter! I am going to try to tweet more!

New Blog

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I am designing a new blog on blogspot.. I want to concentrate more on other aspects of design. Whether if it is interior design|fashion design|photography or food. I will still be updating this blog also but want to keep it at just graphic design or web site designs. Please visit my other blog at:


Forrent.com Pet Contest

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Our Company is having a pet photo contest and the winner will receive $1500 cash. That’s right, $1500 cash! that’s a lot of money and all you have to do is submit up to 5 photos of your pet. The deadline is May 12, 2010 so better start taking pictures! If you would like more details please visit our forrent.com blog. You can read all the rules and where to send in your pictures.

Here are the prizes
a) Contest Prizes: ONE (1) GRAND PRIZE: One winner will receive $1,500 cash. THREE (3) FINALISTS will be selected based off the second, third and fourth highest votes and will each receive a $400 gift card to a local pet store.

I submitted some pictures of my pets but I can not win bc I work for the company…but you can!! The photos will be posted on ForRent Flickr

Clever Funny Ads Part II

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These ads are so creative yet so funny. If you like to see more,  there is a part I. Enjoy!

{image source}

Coco’s photoshoot

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I took our Yorkie Terrier {Coco} to the groomer yesterday so I took some photos of her while she still has a cherry bow on her head.

Here is a picture of Coco before the haircut

I just have to share this pretty cherry blossom flowers I took when my husband and I were in NC. I wish I have cherry blossom tree in the backyard of our house.

Freelance work

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I have been doing couple of freelance work here and there so I thought I shall share what I have been up to. Lincy from DC area contacted me back in December to redesign her homepage/blog for her photography business. She wanted something elegant but yet professional and this is what I came up with.

Home Sweet Home

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Did some spring cleaning over the weekend so took some pictures of our living area. Enjoy!

{pictures by me}

Here is another post of our place from a year ago…{OUR HOME}


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I have been looking for a cute spring purse so been searching around Etsy store. I love Etsy because everything is handmade. Here are some of my fav from drikab

Must Love Dogs

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Since it is Westminster Dog show is going on right now, I decide to post up some photos of my chihuahuas and Yorkie. My chihuahuas are long coat, which we don’t normally see often in our area.

Jet just turned 4 recently.
Our yorkie, Coco in her cute little yellow dress.